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About Powermag Leading Supplier of Power Supplies, Power Control Equipment, ATE and Specialized Electronic Devices


Beginning in 1981 as a small technical consulting firm, Powermag, Inc. has grown to be a leading supplier of special application power supplies, power control equipment, ATE and specialized electronic devices. Powermag is owned and operated by it's founder, Don Cutler, who received his MSEE from California State University, Northridge.

In 1996, Powermag moved into it's second and current facility where the corporate offices, engineering and production centers are located. This facility is situated in a modern industrial area of Newbury Park, California.

The engineering department is fully equipped with the latest computer aided circuit design and analysis software as well as solid modeling and CAD programs for mechanical design. The engineering lab is well equipped with a complete array of up-to-date test equipment, programming devices and software development tools as well as environmental and strife testing equipment.

Electronic and mechanical assembly is processed in the manufacturing department under complete ESD control. Both SMD and through hole component assembly are completed and flow soldered in this department. The manufacturing department also includes final test and burn in, quality assurance and shipping.

Our Mission
To serve the global market with cost effective design and product solutions for demanding applications. To deliver quality products, on schedule and within budget. To develop long standing relationships with our customers through product performance, support and price.

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